University of Massachusetts, Amherst: 1982

M.F.A., Poetry      Thesis advisor:  James Tate


University of Massachusetts, Amherst:  1978

B.A., Cum Laude Major: English/Journalism

Certificate: WomenÕs Studies



Some Slow Bees, Oberlin College Press, 2015  Winner of the 2014 Field Poetry Prize


Otherwise Obedient, Red Hen Press, October 2007, Finalist for the Lambda Literary

            Award for LGBT poetry, 2008


Short History of PetsCleveland State  University Poetry Center Press, Fall 2000

  Winner of the 1999 CSU Poetry Center Prize, and the 2001 Balcones Award for Poetry


Upside Down in the Dark,  Alice James Books, April 1995

University of Maine, Farmington


Before We Were Born, Alice James Books, April 1990

University of Maine, Farmington





Kenyon Review: Nothing but Blue Skies

River Styx:  Details and Procedures

HaydenÕs Ferry: Replacement

Hotel Amerika:  On a Scale of 1-10; Most Know Better

Massachusetts Review: Musac



Green Mountains Review: Good Pink, Bad Pink; What Moves; There Being No Puppies 

            Volume 28, #2  January 2016

Sinister WisdomFalling in Folds

Naugatuck River Review:  Kettle Pond

Green Mountains Review:  Thanks for the Coke; Never Say YouÕre Sorry (May  2015)

Ekphrasis: Nsiski, Power Figure, Fall 2015

Calyx4th of July

Agni Ode to Smoke (on-line)

Hanging Loose:   Dreaming of Disguise, Seven Girls Driving Around Town, Baby Insomniac, Sugar, Spring 2014

FIELD:   The Good Pig, Spring 2014

Bloodroot:  Distant Buffaloes,  Winter 2013

Blueline:  Mercy    2012

Rhino:  Twinkies   2012

Otis ReviewBlockade, HecklersVoodoo    April 2012

Field:  Silage  Fall 2012

Poemelon: The Secret Drinker,    2012

Lambda Literary Review: Zucchini, If Bees Eat,  Later    2011

Group 18 anthology  Open Field:  Plank by Plank, Jury Rigged   2011

Switched-on Gutenberg Does This White Seem Cold Enough?    Fall, 2010

Field: Auction  Fall 2010

Red-Headed Step Child Zucchini  Fall 2009

The Journalthe F word, Fall 2008

The Fourth Quarter: Poems About Retirement, and Beyond: Comfort Zone

Prairie Schooner:  It Goes

The New Review of Literature: Where She Came From,  Spring 2007

Gay & Lesbian Review, ÒMany Limbs LaterÓ, November 2006

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The Journalthe F word, Cartographer of the Most Serene Republic, Fort Whatever it Takes, Spring, 2006

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Poetry Miscellany:  Green Felt Gowns

Arts & Letters:  DNA, Spring 2006

Prairie Schooner:  Nobody Go Blue, Rubber Necking, The Blended Family

MaizeAcre by Acre of It

Borderlands:   An Essay on Horticulture, Something Errant

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Poet Lore:  The Smoking Mother,  What They Get Away With

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The Iowa Review:  Roger on Guitar, 1969

The Lesbian Review of Books:  Ghazal for 50

Blueline Anthology, Spring 2003:  A Woman Out on the Lake is Singing

The JournalIf You Could Call it God,  Tantrum Girl

The Ontario Review:  Moonlight Sonata,  The Well-Patted Baby, Gerry-Rigged, She Ate The Treats

Field:  It   Spring 2002

Pushcart Prize XXVI: Best of the Small Presses:  Three Crows  December, 2001

Snakeskin:  Party Girl Bites Guest

Field Magazine:  Translation Problems, Exile    Spring, 2001

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New Letters  1990 Poetry award, Winter 1990-91 #57:  What The Sign Painter Was Thinking,  A Round of Faces at the Dining Room Window,  Because the Egg Was A Door Nailed Shut,  Golden Delicious, The Trouble in The Third Floor Window,  From The Campground in North Truro 

The Iowa Review   Winter1989, Vol.19#1:  What We Did With the Chickens, Herding the Chickens 

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The Iowa Review  Spring 1986,vol.16.2:  All The Way Home,  It Being a Free Country, Resistance,  Bay Mare in a Second Floor Bedroom, Notes From the New World

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   Moving, Tales of a Four-Legged Land, News From The North, Diving The Shoal

   The Massachusetts Review  Fall 1984,vol.xxiv.2: In the Chair...Root Canal, Day #2,   

The Trouble With Chickens,  On Water

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the minnesota review  Fall 1984 #20: Incident at Port, Leaping for the Imaginary Fly

The Louisville Review   Fall 1980, #9: By-pass 



Open Field, Spring 2012

White Ink:  Cartographer of the Most Serene Republic,  October 2007

Anthology of New England Women Writers:  North Pond

Fathers  ( Reid/Iglesias Shelburne Falls, MA)  The Trouble with Horses, The Trouble with Boats, Because There Was Nothing To Do With The Hands,  By-Pass   April, 2001

National Poetry Competition Winners, 1990    Chester H. Jones Foundation    The Cellist

1985 Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry  (Beverly Hills, CA) In The ChairÉRoot Canal #2

1986/1987 Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry  ( Beverly Hills, CA)   Un-Buckling the Lines,  It Being a Free Country

 1986 Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry,   Poetry Anthology Press, Great Neck, New York    It Being A Free Country

 Annual Survey of American Poetry

Poetry From Sojourner   (Watertown, MA)  White Hotel, In the Upstairs Window

 My Lover is A Woman , Contemporary Lesbian Love Poems (Ballantine Books,1996)  A Hum To Say IÕm Missing Your Touch

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do   (The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA 1994)   The House with the Aqua-Colored Bars

The Time of our Lives  Women Write on Sex after 40   (The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA 1993)  Rituals

Sexual Harassment: Women Speak Out  (The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA 1992)   Such Great Knockers

Lovers , Stories by Women  (The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA  1992)   Herding the Chickens

To Live a Woman:  Student work from the Project ÒTeaching WomenÕs Literature from a

Regional Perspective  1981    The Modern Language Association

ÒGood-bye Spooney Sunday.  Fanny Fern:  The Diary of Helen Ward BrandrethÓ



Northampton Arts Biennial Poetry contest: ÒWhat MovesÓ October, 2015

2015 Ekphrasis Award for Poetry

2014 Field Poetry Prize, Oberlin College Press for Some Slow Bees  (March, 2015)

Vermont Arts Council Development Grant, Fall 2014

Finalist: Lambda Literary Awards for GLBT poetry, 2008 Otherwise Obedient

dA Center for the Arts Poetry Award, Pomona CA  2004

Writer in Residence:  The Thurber House, Columbus, Ohio   April 2003

Balcones Poetry Prize, 2000 for Short History of Pets

Pushcart Prize XXVI: Best of the Small Presses:  Three Crows

Cleveland State University Poetry Center Poetry Prize for Short History of Pets: 1999 $1,000. and publication of book

AWP Contest, Finalist for Short History of Pets: 1999

Nomination for Pushcart Prize: 1998

Centrum, Port Townsend, Washington   Writer in Residence: Jan-Feb. 1999

Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California   Writer in Residence: Feb-March. 1999

Fundaci—n Valpara’so, Playa Moj‡car, Spain   Writer in Residence April 1999

MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire   Writer in Residence: Oct-Dec.1998

Hedgebrook, Whidbey Island, Washington Accepted for Residency: Nov. 1998

Massachusetts Cultural Council, Professional Development Award: 1999

Massachusetts Cultural Council Award, Finalist 1998

The New Millennium Awards:  Honorable Mention   1996

The New England Writers Contest:  Honorable Mention  1996

Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York   Writer in Residence:  January, 1995

New Letters Literary Awards: First Place, Poetry   1990

   New Letters, University of Missouri, Kansas City

The Chester H. Jones Foundation National Poetry Competition: Honorable Mention, 1990

The Massachusetts Artists Foundation: Finalist  1986

The Massachusetts Artists Foundation:  Finalist: 1985

The Tom McAfee Discovery Award  from The Missouri Review:  1984   

Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, New York   Writer in Residence:  July 1983   

The Cummington Community of the Arts,  Writer in Residence, , August 1981

The Joseph Langland Poetry Award:  Honorable Mention, University of

     Massachusetts, Amherst: 1981

Faculty Union Graduate Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, Amherst:  1981

University Scholarship, 1979  University of Massachusetts, Amherst





Antioch University Los Angeles, MFA Program, July 2002-present

     MFA Affiliate faculty


Antioch University BA Program, Culver City, CA 2004-2007


English 490: Multi-Genre Creative Writing Seminar

Lit 339 In The Life: Queer Literature:  A Survey 

English 322, Poetry Writing

Community College of Vermont, Winooski, VT. 2008-present

            Instructor: Creative Writing

            Int.1060: Dimensions of Freedom

            English Foundations of English

                        English 2510: Women & Literature


Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, VT.  Spring 2008

            Visiting Faculty

            Creative writing workshop


Champlain College, Burlington, VT.  Spring 2008

Intro to Creative Writing


University of Redlands, Redlands, CA  Spring 2007  (Visiting Poet)

Creative Writing Workshop


Los Angeles City College, 2004 to 2006

                        English 1, Introduction to Composition


            UCLA WriterÕs Extension, 2005-2006

English XL 133A   Creative Writing: Poetry (Online)

English X 422.3  Intro to Creative Writing, Poetry On line

English X487.1 Writing the Erotic Poem, A 2 day workshop



Santa Monica College, Fall 2004-2005 (Adjunct)

                        English 28, English 1 &  English 2


Indiana University, Bloomington; September 2003-June 2004; (Visiting Poet)

W680: Theory and Craft of Writing

L381:  Contemporary Short Fiction

W614  Graduate Poetry Workshop

W303 Undergraduate Poetry Workshop


 Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio  Visiting Faculty; April 2003

Poetry Workshop (two weeks)


 Holyoke Community College, Holyoke, MA Professor 1984-2004

English 245:  Women & Literature

English 217: Creative Writing, An Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction,

Creative non-fiction, and poetry

English 230  In The Life:  Gay & Lesbian Literature

English 102  Introduction to Language and Literature II

English 101  Introduction to Language and Literature  I 

English 097:  Reading Efficiency 



2010: Guest Editor, Gertrude, Issue 15: The Gay Issue

2004: Judge, the Benjamin Saltman Award, Red Hen Press

1992-1993  ÒCost-saving SabbaticalÓ  One year off at half-pay.   Spent five months in Mexico, one month in Guatemala, writing, learning language, traveling. 

 1998-1999  Regular sabbatical.  Traveled to Italy, France September-October,  Residency at MacDowell, Peterborough, N.H.: October-December 1998: Residency at Centrum, Port Townsend, Washington  January- February 1999 :Residency at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, California  February-March 1999: Residency at Fundaci˜n Valpara’so in Moj‡car, Spain  April 1999, lived/traveled in Spain until end of July 1999 with two week stay in Freiburg, Germany

 1990-1994:  Member of the Alice James Books publishing cooperative:  Duties included book production, editorial work, fundraising, book promotion and marketing, and other general editorial/administrative duties.

1978-79: Coordinator of WomenÕs Studies Colloquium Series, University of    Massachusetts, Amherst

 1982:  Coordinator of Cummington Community of the Arts Reading Series at the Jones Library, Amherst, MA 

1971-76:  Founding member of the Mudpie Childcare Co-op, Springfield, MA.   As a member of the Mudpie Co-op, I participated in finding the site for the center, hiring a teacher, getting the center accredited, teaching, fund-raising, and general duties of running a day-care center.





Review by Trish Crapo, Greenfield Recorder (Greenfield, MA May 15, 2015)


Review by Julia Shipley,  Seven Days (Burlington, VT July 15,2015)


Review by Chuck Zerby:  Amherst in Print  Amherst Bulletin, (Amherst, MA  February 29, 1984)

Book Review by Lynne Yagamuchi Fletcher:  Witness, Wildness, Vision, Prayer  Sojourner: The WomenÕs Forum   (Jamaica Plain, MA August 1991 )

Book Review/Interview  by Bruce Watson,  Translating Childhood Memories Into Poetry  The Daily Hampshire Gazette  (Northampton, MA April 1990 

Book Review/Interview by Brett Martin:  Two Poets Search For State of Grace in the WorldÓ  The Daily Hampshire Gazette   Northampton, MA  Wednesday, May 17, 1995

Book Review by David Walker: Self Consciousness  in Field    Spring 1986

Review of poem published in Field  by Jeff Rawlings in Small Press Review   (January/February 1998)

Interview/Book Review with Nancy Pick: A Little of this, a little of that   Daily Hampshire Gazette  (Northampton, MA Wednesday, April 15, 1998)

Article by Nancy H. Gonter Two HCC professors awarded poetry honors Union News  (Springfield, MA  October 11, 1999)


 READINGS (highlights)

Charleston Poetry Society, Charleston, South Carolina, Feb. 2016

Bookstock, Woodstock Vermont, July 2015

Associated Writing Programs Conference, April 2015

The Bowery Poetry Club, April 2015

Burlington Book Festival, September, 2008

AWP, NYC:  January, 2008

UCLA WriterÕs Extension, Skirball Center, LA  June 2006

Gneiss Poetry Series, Palm Desert, CA  April 2006

Palm Springs Book Festival,  April 2005

Associated Writing Programs, Chicago, March 2004

Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles   March 2002

Prairie Schooner Conference, Lincoln, NE  October,  2001

The AWP Conference, Palm Springs, CA  April 2001

The Odyssey Book Shop, South Hadley, MA  December 2000

Fundac“on Valpara“so, Playa Moj‡car, Spain  1999

The MacDowell Colony for the Arts, 1998

Northampton Center for the Arts, 1998

The Loud Music Festival, Northampton, MA   (1996)

CamillaÕs, New York City  (1996)

Boswell Books, Shelburne Falls, MA   (1996)

Borders Books, Framingham, MA   (1996)

The Third Wave, Northampton, MA  (1996)

The Book Cellar, Cambridge, MA  (1996)

Associated Writing Programs Conference, Pittsburg   (1995)

Barnes & Noble, New York City  (1995)

University of Maine, Farmington (1995)

Northampton Center for the Arts  (1995)

The Amherst Club, Amherst, MA  (1994)

Holyoke Community College, (1994)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (1993)

Bellas Artes, San Miguel des Allende, MŽxico  (1992)

New Words Books, Cambridge, MA  (1992)